Senin, 19 April 2010

Tiger Shark Diving Bahamas

Our latest adventure has it all. We'll introduce you to Tiger sharks ( Galeocerdo cuvier ) and Great Hammerheads (Sphyrna mokarran) and Grey Reef Sharks (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) up close and personal. Plus you'll get to fish for tuna along the way, snorkle and play with Spotted Dolphins and dive incredible sites, complete with wrecks, caves and more. Packing as much diving and shark encounters as we can into 7 days is what this is latest adventure is all about.


You and 10 other divers will join Shark Diver for seven days out of West Palm Beach Florida aboard the Bahamas latest long range live aboard "The Dolphin Dream". She is an 86ft expedition trawler re-designed to take 10 divers in safety and comfort. She offers you the most unique and exciting scuba diving available. The 7 day schedule is flexible, with a high emphasis on sharks and shark encounters. The size of this vessel and stablilty in seas makes her our first choice. She's like a Tahoe Ski Cabin, laid back, comfortable and very easy for our divers.

Day 1 Saturday

Welcome to Palm Beach, Florida. Check in between 4.00pm-7.00pm. Time to unpack, and familiarize yourself with your floating home for the week. Once you have settled in you are free to join us for dinner of fresh Grouper Tacos and a cool beer. When we return an orientation will be given on emergency procedures and shark diving information. We depart Palm Beach Saturday evening during sunset for our overnight cruise to "The Bahamas Islands". This a great time to sit back and drink a cocktail and meet your fellow divers, the next few days will be busy.

Day 2 Sunday

While your co-workers are drudging to work you will be shark diving with Tigers and perhaps a Hammerhead or two. This morning we awake on Scotts Tiger Beach and drop cages. The crew has been chumming since early morning. Tigers start arriving in the morning, typically we see anywhere from 1-5 sharks, and they are hungry. Tigers are different from Great Whites in many ways here we'll be in 15 feet of water with a sandy bottom. Cages float close to the surface and can drop to the bottom and we have Tigers chasing after hang baits right up to the cages.

Tiger Shark

The shark diving operation will last all day long with regular shark rotations and divers. If we feel like it or the action slows down divers can choose to run over to Muriel's Gardens where local populations of Caribbean Reef sharks swim close as you explore this reef. The game plan is to spend the entire day here where ever the shark action is the hottest. Note : Unlike Tigers, Caribbean Reef sharks and Lemon Sharks are considered a "safer" shark species. We do cage-less dives with these animals but always have a safety diver in place and do not chum on these dives. The encounters here are completely natural and occur because these reefs are pristine.

Day 3 Monday Tiger Shark Day

This is a full dive day with 2-5 dives including your first night dive (if you decide to). Wake up to breakfast onboard in the beautiful West End Grand Bahamas. As soon as Bahamas customs and immigration open at 9.00am your captain will get the paperwork completed, soon after we are on our way. This morning we will be heading north to the prime dive sites. One hour from customs we'll stop at the "Bull-Pen" it's a 60' dive with Caribbean Reef sharks, groupers, eagle rays. From there we go to colorful Hogfish reef, then to Sugar Wreck for an afternoon and a night dive. We frequently snorkel & dive with large friendly turtles on this ancient wreck that was once a 330' sailing vessel. Nighttime we anchor up in a calm area for overnight known locally as Dry's only a short distance from our Tiger shark site.

Day 4 Tuesday

More sharking at Scotts Tiger Beach this morning. Divers will spend as much time as they like getting shots and encounter time with these animals. We'll be chumming all night long to keep interest high. This afternoon for a change of pace we are off to discover friendly Spotted Dolphins. These are wild dolphins who love to play and interact with divers and they congregate off the coast a few hours north. Dolphin encounters are snorkeling only, in 15-20 feet of water. The prime dolphin ground is an ocean paradise named 'White Sand Ridge'. Make sure you bring your fins along as these animals like to interact with the swimmers. We have an option to extend the dolphin encounter with lights for a night encounter or jump in on a night dive on a local reef the choice is yours by group consensus.

By: Eric Shark

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Kamis, 15 April 2010

Top Rates Suvs

SUV, Sports utility vehicle, is actually a kind of station wagon that is built on a light truck chassis. Depending on perspective, it is often termed as four wheel drive, 4 x 4 or off-road vehicle. It is a popular mode of transportation in countries such as USA, Canada and Australia.


According to car classifications by EPA in USA and Canada as well as Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries in Australia, SUV’s can roughly be classified in four categories. These include Mini, Compact, Mid Size and Full Size SUV.

Daihatsu Terios

Examples of Mini SUV are Daihatsu Terios and Suzuki Jimny. Similarly, compact SUV may consist of models like BMW X-3, Honda CR-V and Ford Escape.

Their larger cousins including BMW X5, Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee are classified as Mid Size SUV whereas full size SUV constitutes popular brands as Land Cruiser, Cadillac Escalade, Range Rover and Cadillac Suburban.


The distinguishing characteristics of Sport utility vehicle which has made it famous are true off road capability. It would not be an oversimplification to suggest that SUV is an extended version of vastly popular Jeep but with an additional twist of Comfort.

The ability of SUV to travel in harsh conditions while safeguarding its passengers has made it a living legend among its admirers. Consider the fame of Mitsubishi Pajero in Paris – Dakar rally, images of Land Rover in contemporary National Geographic Magazines and the aurora of Range Rover are contemporary British films such as Da Vinci Code.

The New Trend

Since the introduction of luxury SUV and increased global competition among the Detroit Big Three car makers and their international rivals, manufacturers are keen to produce more fuel efficient, utility and high power vehicles.

This competitiveness has ignited the need to buy the most efficient of these machines. Numerous websites and magazines publish regular articles and reviews on the best performing SUV in the market.

Historically, building big was the trademark of American automakers while their Japanese counterparts were concerned about small fuel efficient SUV. The trend has changed.

Consider the popularity of the newly introduced full sized SUV, Kia Borrego, from Korea that has tons of features, V-8 engine, and good fuel economy. Never before a Korean automaker would think about competing with traditional giants least overpowering them in their own game.
Likewise, Chevrolet has turned away from giants to concentrate on mid size markets. Another refreshing example is 288 hp Traverse which has won rave reviews from almost every circle. Correspondingly, Ford has revitalized the industry by making its popular Ford Escape one of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road.

It is rated to deliver 34 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on highways. Mazda CX-7 and Honda CR-V are continuously challenging their rivals by aspiring to be the most reliable breed of SUV in the last few years.

Land Rover has just released the LR4 version that is destined to compete with the likes of Hummer. Other interesting models include the futuristic Ford Flex Eco Boost starting at only $28,000. The continuous improvement and new design features in SUV market dictates that manufacturers are eager to shed the stigma related to them and introduce new concept allied with market demands.

As a result, consumers should also look toward professional publications to review and rank SUV thus making it easier for them to select from an increasing variety.

By: Spencer H.

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Selasa, 13 April 2010

Golden Rules To Get Business Class Upgrade

How often you must have envied the people sitting in the business class of the flight while you would be struggling at the economy class? It is a fact that traveling in business class and first class is the most comfortable option in a flight. And during credit crunch times only the rich could afford to upgrade to business class or first class. However, by wisely putting in some tactics, your chances of getting an upgrade would be more.

The golden rule of thumb for getting a fast upgrade is to dress up for the business. It is common for the rich and the famous to dress down but it would be better appreciated if you can dress in style while traveling executive class. The business flights would mainly be filled with the pompous crowd and the last thing they want would be to sit next to someone in casuals. You must wear clean and smart clothing during the travel. Wearing a suit would be the best choice but you can also manage with a jacket or smart jumper. When the airline staff looks for upgrade following overbooked flights, they would prefer people who had dressed smartly and neatly.

Your charm and pleasant look add up your chances of pleasing the airline staff and win an upgrade. Try to establish a good rapport with the people. Showing arrogance won’t gain anything except displeasure. Always smile and be polite to the check-in staff at the airport. It’s all a matter of first impression and if you succeed in that, the staff would surely recommend your name for upgrade. Note that the staff is likely to be in a good mood in the start. So if you arrive at the airport early, you can easily win them. However, if you are ready to take risks, you can arrive late and get a business class upgrade. This happens when the economy seats would have been allocated and you may be the first in line for an upgrade.

One of the easiest ways to get an upgrade would be by joining the airline frequent flyer scheme. You can join them easily and even though the frequent flyers would not be automatically updated, they are given priority over other passengers as and when seats become vacant. The business class flights are usually tight packed during the airport rush hour like early morning or evening since the business people prefer those timings. So it would be better to avoid the rush hour and travel during weekends, late mornings or early afternoons.

It may sound a bit odd to hear that you may be rewarded if you bumped off a flight. Yes, it is true. It happens since the airlines usually overbook flights and if you volunteer for the next flight, they may reward you financially as well as with an upgrade. Sometimes the airlines offer special promotions for frequent flyer miles. So it is worth collecting the frequent flyer miles for grabbing executive class seats. Also remember to check in early online to secure seats with extra leg room.

By: Sarah Jose

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Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009

The History And Evolution Of The Easter Basket

Easter is a convergence of three traditions. 1) Pagan. According to the Venerable Bede, English historian of the early 8th century, the word is derived from the Norse Ostara or Eostre, meaning the festival of spring at the vernal equinox, March 21, when nature is in resurrection after winter. Hence, the rabbits, notable for their fecundity, and the eggs colored like rays of the returning sun and the northern lights or aurora borealis. 2) Hebrew. In Exodus XII we read of the night in Egypt when the angel if death “passed over “the dwellings of the Israelites, so sparing their first born. Hence, the Passover or Jewish Pesach, celebrated during Nisan, the first month of the Hebrew year. 3) Christian. It was at the feast of the Passover in Jerusalem that Jesus, a Jew, was crucified and rose from the dead. A name for Easter, therefore, is Pasch, in various spellings, and churches throughout the East and West celebrate Easter as a major feast ranking with Christmas, witness “the hot cross bun” or boon distributed among the faithful.

Spring or the Vernal equinox was an important time to ancient cultures, being dependent on their crops and livestock to live. They prayed to different Gods in hopes that their lands would be fertile. The Spring Equinox is when day and night become equal and that meant that the long winter was over and that spring and rebirth had arrived. A connection to Easter for these ancient religions is that the date is based upon astrologic signs. Easter occurs on the Sunday after the first full moon following Spring Equinox. This first moon was a sign to the farmers to plant their first seeds of the season.
Easter baskets grew out of the Christian observance of Lent, giving up meat, eggs and dairy. The custom of having a large Easter supper represents the end of the Lenten fast. In more ancient times, this feast was brought to the church in large baskets to be blessed by the Clergy. Hence the connection to Easter Baskets today. It is interesting to note that the Jewish tradition of Purim which takes place at this time of year, is also celebrated with the giving of food baskets, and has Queen Esther as the heroine of the Purim story. In the 1700s German children in North America would leave their caps and bonnets filled with straw outside overnight and find colored hard cooked eggs tucked inside in the morning. By the 1800s candy was commonly included in the baskets. Along with the renewal of the earth the idea of birth and rebirth, the egg became a symbol in the Christian Easter celebration and is still used today. Eggs were painted and decorated and given as gifts. As technology improved there were hollow eggs crafted from cardboard and were filled with smaller gifts.

Our Easter baskets have taken many of the traditions of the past, eggs, chicks, rabbits and grass, which all had symbolic meaning and created the colorful gifts for young and old that we have today. These baskets can be bought ready made or created at home. Easter Baskets have been made and given mainly to children in the past, but we are all still children at heart, and who would not love to receive their very own basket of goodies.? If it was filled with candies and fresh baked cookies it might even be shared! If you have someone special on your list that would like something more personal, a basket filled with toiletries and gifts with a few pastel covered chocolate eggs scattered around might be just what the Easter Bunny had in mind.

By: Kristina Keffer

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Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

A Journey Of Anand Jon

Anand Jon is on the line. It is held on a telephone of wages of hall inside the central prison of the men, where it was locked up during one year awaiting the test. In moisture, the ventilated air, its caramel-colored skin took a morbid paleness, placed at far by neon orange of its overall of prison. Its hair, once a dark and wild cascade, is attached in a tail of horse to the nape of the neck of its neck. I do not have any leaving problem with the truth, it says. Its voice is clear, trustful. Before the 34 year old dressmaker was stopped, it had been about to launch a line of the jeans hand-stitched and tops whimsical with reasons for its indigenous India. Known for pavaner in accompanied parts young women, it is now with the head of a line of the marked criminals wanting to make calls.

Speaking with hardly an accent, Jon indicates that it is not guilty to differently violate or attack 28 models, some in their midteens. They carried felt sorry for to the police force and sworn large, which brought criminal charges in three states. He says that he cannot say to me all about the offences pled because of his test outstanding. People do not know facts the ones of, it says. We were struck during one year, and all length I cannot answer. As always, it wiped the telephone with aseptic zing fabric. It cannot be allowed to fall sick.
Jon is hand and foot shackled, to leave even its cell when its visits of family. It cannot see the sky, the way of time does not lose, and does not sleep with bugs and rats. He meditates, he reads Zohar, the book of the mysticism of Kabbalah, and he studies in an obsessing way the legal documents, gribouillant notes in the margins, refuting the obviousness which could put it in prison during the life. This phone call reaches initially its poolside of mother to the hotel of Beverly Hills, where she and I sit down together taking the. When it gives me its cell phone, the voice of Jon sounds in bottom of the line.

I am innocent of 100 percent, it says.

What would you say testimony of the large jury? I read eight volumes of him, a library of rough sexual satisfaction.

Each thing simple inside there, it says, I can prove is a lie.

They came from the farms and the villages and the suburbs through the United States and Canada: Timber, Idaho; Large stream, California; Foxbor-ough, Massachusetts; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Kamloops, Colombia-British. Pretty girls with great dreams, it employed the Internet to connect on a world which promised the richness and the fame. Lindsay, a university student 17 years of Minnesota. Nicole, model a 21 year old of Indiana. Jennifer, 18 years shy person of San Fernando Valley.

In Los Angeles, 20 of these women deposited official complaints against Anand Jon, having for result 59 criminal accounts, including the rape of force, the sexual penetration by a foreign object, the sexual exploitation of a child, the sexual battery, and the oral reproduction of force. The women say that it made these things between 2001 and 2007. Some indicate that they were as young as 14 or 15 when it occurred and that it gave their alcohol. Several indicate that they were violated on several occasions and in more than one city. The expenses made titles. That which them results of its test here in Los Angeles, which could start as soon as the end August, Jon face nevertheless with more expenses in New York and Texas.

In several of the points of right against him, the values small-town will run up realities of large-city, particularly in the slipping sphere of the Cyberspace. Meet a girl, diss a type, seek your fortune on the World Wide Web, and it can have consequences devastators. With some Jon races of keyboard found women, shingling them by MySpace or on sites such as and Some wrote its circle, and when their research for the finished fame, they reached behind by the Web to find other old models which felt grained or said they had the sex with him.

What these women said the sworn large ones exposed the world of the semi celebrity. Anand Jon was a young promising originator, but he was not any Tom Ford, and its indicters are not covers of the mode. They both are culture of Los Angeles almost to know it, almost there, drawn to acclaim and put at the current of the edge shredded right under its surface. Some include/understand this well. The maples of Marla, formerly the actress and the ex-wife of Donald Trump, are a narrow friend of Anand Jon. It calls it one of the people of inspiration which I ever met. The women blaming it, the maples indicated to me, are no comfortable in their own skin. Like a girl of Dalton, Georgia, it says, it breaks my heart to see this utility which we must be famous. It is very causing dependence.

The offences allotted to Anand Jon bored another world, although smaller step usually given much notification. Among the Indian emigrants he is a favored son. Its compatriots see racism in his arrest and the circumstances surrounding its presser. The court in New York will not place a figure, thus it does not know if it could meet the cost to establish the link in Manhattan in vain if it puts to the top the money in L.A. a lawyer of human rights of India came to California to speak in favor with authorities about the enigma of Jon. The newspapers in India trim with him, whereas the Indian American community in Artesia held a watchman of gleam of candle on its behalf.

By: Komal Alex

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Selasa, 04 Agustus 2009

Cristina Marocco In Champs Elysees Paris

Cristina Marocco is back in Paris!! And now, she choose a hotel Champs Elysees in Paris (cf link) for the shooting of her new video "Le parfum" which means the parfume extracted from her latest album "I would tell you that everything is beautiful" released in October 2008.

Discovered by the French public in 2001 through its interpretation of "J'ai tout oublié", which means I've forgotten everything a duet with Marc Lavoine, Cristina Marocco seduced the public by her soft voice and her dark eyes. Her album À côté du soleil was released a few months later. On this album, Lara Fabian wrote the song "Faire semblant". In 2008, she came out with her latest album, Je te dirais que tout est beau. In the clip of her new album, in the Le Parfum song, she plays a role as a housekeeper. With the marbled fireplace and beautiful moldings, the classic and chic atmosphere of the hotel, it manages to highlight the natural beauty of Cristina. Everything is so perfect! Her voice, her beauty and the setting, one of her best video in my opinion.

By: Guilbruno

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Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

Various Children’s Party Planners For Fun And Frolic

Children’s party is incomplete without party planners as they provide a wide range of with diverse themes to add fun to the birthday parties.

Birthdays are not the only times in a year to celebrate, there are other special occasions as well when you may like throwing a party. So, here comes your way the perfect planner for fabulously themed children’s’ parties. There are a number of party packages of which you can choose the one suiting the requirements of your kind of party.

The planner provides a wide range of party packages for children of all ages with fantastic themes, just to list a few a Fairy party for your little princess, a pool party, a circus theme party with a face painter, balloon modeler or a clown. Hiring a face painter for party on a circus theme may cost you more but why to spend on it, you can even paint your face and guise yourself as a clown.

Children these days are just not into the old norms of partying, they want things to be more happening, vibrant and something that clicks to their imagination. If you want to woo your little ones on their special events by organizing a great party, you can just hop on to the children’s party planners and make the day really special.

Apart from the kids there are also teen party packages with diverse and unusual themes such as a girl’s spa party, transforming the party venue into a mini spa and pampering the guests with hair-do, manicure, pedicure and make-up. An added option of hot tub hire will definitely add flavor to the party.

Keep reading as the planner offers more such exciting and fabulous party packages for the teens. These are High school Musical parties themed around dress codes, fancy dress, dance sequence, and movie quizzes. If you are looking for themes other than these you can simply opt for a girls only theme that will turn into a Girls Night In and the same goes for the boys in the form of a Guys Only party.

For girls only there are exclusive party packages including spice girls party, pom-pom party, teen pamper party, hairspray and grease party comprising of makeovers, nail painting, singing, and dancing.

What is a children’s party without activities and games and the traditional old stuff is just not requisite. The children’s party planner offers a varied range of games and tricks like the balloon bash, treasure hunt, musical bumps, tug of war, bubbles, jigsaws, hoopla, hop dop and the list is endless detailing the technique of playing all of these.

While throwing a party for your little ones it goes without saying that the décor should be bright, vibrant and colorful. To create the perfect look, children’s party planners offer various ways in which you can choose and decide the color patterns. You can go for colors, which blend nicely with the theme of the party.

Children’s party planners offer entertainers, clowns carrying with them the required party stuff like balloons, personalized t-shirts, and ribbons. A kids’ party is incomplete without gifts as they love to unwrap and find out what is inside it, if you want to surprise your kids showering them with gifts then children’s party planners offers a range of attractive items like goodie bags, pencil cases, satin ribbons, toy cars and accessories.

So, go ahead and make your child’s dream party real!

By: Katy Katy

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